100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life: #8

St. Paul, MN:  Deep fried.  On a stick.  So good, just not good for you.  I'm talking about none other than (on my list of 100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life):

#8:  Fair food.

In my life, only the road would take me to multiple fairs in a few short weeks.  The average fair-go-er's mentality of "I'll only eat this once this summer" goes out the window when you visit the Iowa State Fair one week and the Minnesota State Fair just five days later.  I admit I indulged a bit the first week (how many times can I really turn down a corn dog?), but the second week, I just took pictures instead.  Funny, I still feel guilty just looking at them...

The original:  corn dog

Anything you want on a stick

Fried pickles (with ranch dressing, naturally)

Grilled corn on the cob

Bags and bags of cotton candy

The healthiest thing I could find: deep fried fruit

A road map to hotdish on a stick

The ultimate:  Pig Licker (chocolate covered bacon)