100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life: #9

On a plane somewhere between Edmonton, AB and Ft. McMurray, AB:  Working in the country music genre doesn’t give me much opportunity to travel internationally (as of yet!).  So when we do head out to a town where a passport is required, I try to take in and appreciate as much as I can of the foreign land, even if it is simply our neighbor to the north.  Yes, sweet Canada offers a sense of embarking on a global voyage, while keeping within the comforts of the same continent (and taking US currency).  

My hunger for worldwide travel is partially satiated while, in Canada, I am treated to hearing and reading all security rules in two languages. I know it’s more work for flight attendants to have to show you how to fasten a seat belt twice (while the recording explains that you simply lift the lever to release the belt in both English and French), but it feels very sophisticated and world-traveled to hear it.

Which brings me to my next 100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life:

#9:  Being exposed to a variety of languages while traveling.  

And who knows?  Maybe I’ll pick up a phrase or two in another language if I really start paying attention.  I just hope people whom I converse with want to hear about using seat cushions for flotation (or le coussin du fauteuil sert de bouee de sauvetage).