I'm In A Poland State Of Mind (in New York)

New York, NY:  I can't believe it's mid-February.  I feel like the last month and a half of 2012 has been like a marathon runner, sprinting past me and pushing me down as it zooms by.  I want to remind time: I'm not a fast runner, so no need to get competitive!

As a good multitasker, I was able to get most of my prep work done before I got on my noon flight today and took the opportunity to do some fun things before I left.  But I still have one thing on my mind:  Poland.  Thanks to the boss for doing some shows overseas, I am able to fly over a few days earlier and take a side trip to see the place where it all began.  At least 1/2 of my heritage.  And, as an added bonus, my closest gal pal on the road, Catherine (aka the other C), is joining me in the adventure.

But before we make our way across the pond, here are a few fun moments from the last couple of days:

Yesterday, looking to bring some new music with me (to use with my newer Bose noise canceling headphones), I opted for the new Indigo Girls album that I had partially heard while being recorded, but hadn't actually purchased just yet (bad fan).  Imagine my surprise when I looked in the thank you's on the album sleeve to see:

INDIGO GIRLS THANK... Carolyn Snell and Thistle Farms.
(3rd line up from the bottom)

Amazingness.  And it's a GREAT album too.

Last night, one of my favorite bands (and people), Stephen Kellogg & the SK6ERS, played a show at a venue I had not been to yet but was reminiscent of the old City Hall.  I had a chance to catch their full band set after seeing SK do a few acoustic solo sets in the last couple of years and catch up with the boys & the girl TM.  (Who could give me a run for my money if I let her.... and I don't think I want to let her.)

This morning, C & I met at BNA and I captured her weekly (while flying, that is) feel-up by TSA.  I know she says it's to avoid radiation from the machines and possible unknown health issues, but I personally think she enjoys her security to be a hands-on experience.

And now, C & I are in NYC, making the last stop in the USA before we get to another country.  While I'm excited to have had one of the best nonstop flights from Nash - New York (quiet / not a lot of people / exit row to ourselves) and I have a sense of cool from being in the big apple, I can't stop thinking about Poland.  

Though I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to blogging (shocker), I am going to try to do a little something each day -- even if it's just a picture of that moment.  I figure I'll have 11+ hrs. on the flight home to collect my musings.

Until we meet again... ciao!  (or whatever they say in Poland.....)