100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life : #39

In a rental car, somewhere between Valley Village, CA & Palm Desert, CA:

This week, Doug, the band leader, had come out early to see some of the folks he was producing music with on our latest project. (Funny how you can work with someone via email and not actually meet them.) After some gentle persuading (which included a little light begging), he agreed to drive us from my temporary home to Palm Desert for our next show.

Pre-Trip: Not the happiest driver in the world

One of the best parts of road trips is stopping at the great (but not-so-great-for-you) fast food chains. Now, I’ve been doing pretty well in terms of eating ‘clean’ (thanks to encouragement from Julia at Julia’s Body Shop), which means I can have a cheat day every now & again as a reward. I figure if I’m going to blow a bunch of calories on something deep-fried or wrapped in a bun, it better be totally tasty.

We headed East around lunchtime and figured we should grab something before we got any further stuck in traffic. We spotted the golden arches arrow and took the opportunity to fulfill our drive thru dreams.


#39: In-N-Out Burger
(One of the 100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life)

We both ordered #2s – single cheeseburgers (no onions for Doug), fries and soda. Since we were already jumping into the vat of evil enjoyment, we figured we might as well go all the way… and got milk shakes too. Mmmmmm.....

In-N-Out’s toasted bun, fresh ingredients, perfectly salted fries and sinful shakes make the joint the top super decadent (yet slightly deadly) burger place.


Though after sitting in a car for 2.5 hours, I think Doug might have been onto something by holding the onions.

Post-Trip (and after a stop at In-N-Out): the driver is all smiles!