Home Away: The Sequel

Studio City, CA: When I was here last fall, I found the perfect little home away from home. Guess someone else thought it was perfect too since when I found out I was headed back to LA for the winter, the place was already rented to someone else.

I scoped out the other other vacation rental properties and found another few cute options, but none were available during my entire stay.

This is when I got to make a choice: I could either complain that I have to move in, unpack, repack, move out, move into a new place... three times in two months. OR I could look at it as an opportunity to check out three different charming cottages and "play house" while I unexpectedly took up semi-residence in the sunshine state.

After a bit of mild complaining (who would I be if I didn't complain?), I packed my bags and got ready for my latest adventure.

HOME AWAY 2: The Sequel

This four unit condo building reminded me of my home in Nashville. Which is kind of why I didn't want to initially stay in it (I prefer trying out a new setup), but also why I kind of liked staying in it (it felt similar to home).

My unit was on the back, lower level, which was great since I didn't have to walk up the flight of stairs each day. Plus it was unit C... which is, you know, kinda perfect for me.

The living room and dining area were both stunning with hardwood floors, fresh flowers...

and candles that offered both light and added ambiance.

The kitchen was small, but decent-sized, and as always, a bowl of fruit/water/popcorn/cookies were left to welcome me home.

There were actually two identical bedrooms, which was perfect when I invited one of my sweet friends to visit for a weekend.

It had one bathroom and a stackable washer/dryer,

a back patio for outdoor enjoyment (though it was hard to enjoy anything outdoors in the winter... even in California!),

and its very own smiling Buddah.

But the best part? Within walking distance to greatest coffee shop & cafe/bakery in the Valley -- Aroma Coffee & Tea Company -- aka Fido West.

Overall, two thumbs up to the sequel. After a week, I packed up, moved out, and headed onto my next set of digs. My only real requirement, so it seems, is wireless internet so I can blog about where I just came from.