As Seen On TV

On a plane somewhere between Dallas, TX & Portland, OR: It’s pretty amazing to me that tonight is the airing of the last episode of the first season of Malibu Country (on ABC at 8:30pm / 7:30pm Central, in case you weren’t already planning on watching. Which I think would be a good idea for you.) What’s even more amazing is that I worked on a TV series. For 6 ½ months. In Los Angeles.

Sure, I travel a lot with my job, but saying I’ve been on buses and planes for 6 ½ months around the world, working concerts actually feels more normal to me than what actually transpired. I have to admit, it was a bit of a struggle initially to flip to the different type of lifestyle. Of course, I love the boss and my new co-workers, but going to the same place every day and having a more ‘regular’ schedule is somewhat foreign to me. As I mentioned that to a friend once, he said, "you know, that’s what most people do in the world – they have jobs with offices and start and end times that they follow every day.” Hmmm. Tell me more about this world you speak of….

But when I finally did a reframe of the situation, everything started to click. I’m living part time in California (bi-costal, if you will), working with an amazing business woman who know exactly what she wants then goes after it and gets it (something I try to do myself), learning about another side of the entertainment industry that I never would have tried on my own and meeting new and interesting people that will continue to grow my circle of awesome friendships.

And the cherry on top? The show is simply fun. I love watching the final cut (on ABC at 8:30pm / 7:30pm Central, in case you didn’t see my note above) and knowing the week-long, behind-the-scenes blood, sweat and tears it took to create that 30 minute sitcom. Ok, so there wasn’t that much blood or tears, thankfully. More like the behind-the-scenes laughs, bloopers and magic that really make it a perfect, family-friendly, laugh-out-loud show.

I had mentioned a few of the day-to-day happenings of my life on a TV set, but now that the season is at the end, I wanted to share a few more photos of my favorite happenings of my life, as seen on TV.

A Week In The Life:
Day 1: Table Read
Days 2 & 3: Rehearsal
Day 4: Pre-Tape
Day 5: Tape Day with a Live Studio Audience

The Cast:
Starting Top Right / Clockwise:
Sara Rue (Kim)
Hudson Thames (Sage)
Jai Rodriguez (Geoffrey)
Justin Prentice (Cash)
Juliette Angelo (June)
Lily. Freaking. Tomlin. (Lillie Mae)

and of course...
the boss! 

Guest Stars:
Starting from the top / L-R:
Blake Shelton (who I am taller than, only while he's sitting)
Tisha Campbell-Martin (who did this dance in 1990, which I still want to learn)
Laura Bell Bundy (who I believe needs to come back as Shocantelle Brown)
Travie McCoy (who did a calabo with Reebs)
Melissa Peterman (well, she actually didn't guest star yet, but she did stop by in costume. Only MP.)

Team Reba:
Starting from the top / L-R:
Running lines in the dressing room.
Making it on the credits.
Lounging on the deck.
Team Reba rocks!

Malibu Country Cast & Crew:
Here's to a great group of people on a great first year.

ABC should be telling us in the next couple of months whether or not we get picked up for a second season. After over half a year in this new life, I say:
bring it! I think Malibu Country looks good on me.