Home Away 3: Third Time's A Charm

On a plane somewhere between Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN: So, I've been slacking a little bit with my blogging. But I have been keeping a mental list of all the things I've been doing that I want to write about -- including (but not limited to):

- moving out of one place and into another one
- moving out again and into yet another place (veryyyy close to the first one)
- going to Disneyland
- going to San Diego for the Storyline conference
- wrapping up the first season of Malibu Country
- going to San Francisco to celebrate the end of the first season
- giving away my first Giving Key

Ok, so that list was more for me than you (I do love a good to-do list), but now at least you can see why I haven't had much time to write. My goal is to check of this list before my next birthday. Which is in 15 days, in case you're counting. So without further ado...

HOME AWAY 3: Third Time's A Charm

So the same dealio happened as the last time: the original rental property in LA I stayed in over the fall wasn't available -- nor was the second place I stayed in -- so that meant I must relocate to a third location. I used the search engine to find these places and the same property manager, which means all the places have a very similar look and feel.

And secretly, I was happy the other two weren't available since I really wanted to stay in a guest house.

To enter the two bedroom guest house (connected to a three bedroom main house, which is also rentable), you want through a lattice with overgrown flowers and enter an indoor sitting area. Though it was in the 30s and 40s in January, don't think I didn't sit out there in triple layers and double scarfs, with copious mugs of hot coffee.

Inside, the living room felt very beachy with its white linen couch covers and pale blue throw pillows and blankets.

Bedroom one consisted of an uber comfortable queen-sizedbed, dresser drawers, TV, desk and full closet.

Bedroom two consisted of a futon bed (with hiding additional pull out bed to turn it into a full bed), small TV and closet, and separate exit to the outside.

There were two full bathrooms (one with stackable washer and dryer) and plenty of closet space, which was put to good use after acquiring a few new pieces of clothing (thank you, Hollywood).

The kitchen was well-stocked, but a bit bigger than I actually needed.

Well, almost everything was a bit bigger in the kitchen.

The highlight of the guest house was most definitely the backyard. With a table for entertaining, a secret garden passageway to the main house (had I used if I had rented that too) and a hammock just waiting to be relaxed in, I felt that had I come back here in warmer months, I would most likely spend all of my time in the backyard.

Not to say I didn't take at least ONE winter day to test my theory....

Two weeks in the guest house, then it was time to move on... which will be detailed in another blog. 

First piece via my to do list complete.