One Of Snelly's Boos

Nashville, TN: If you know me at all, you know I love boy bands. Even when they're now, technically, man bands. My first boy band crush started when I was 11 with The Monkees. Then, 20-some-ish years later, I end up working in the biz and met my fav. A few years after that, I met a few more. And even though I just saw the remaining members perform last year (miss you, Davy...), I still had one more to actually meet to make the Monkees boy/man band circle complete.

And that just happened tonight.

Mike Nesmith started off his solo tour in Nashville and I was lucky enough to be in town to see it. And lucky enough to have a friend to give me the post-show-meet-and-greet-hookup (thanks CB!). The show was great - Nez (as he's known by those who love him) told the crowd that each song created a little video inside his head, so he set up the scenes before performing the songs. It was like getting a mini video treatment to put you in the same headspace as the one who envisioned it in the first place. 

I think my favorite part about Nez is that he is country. Despite the fact that he was in a boy band, the songs he writes are full of lost love, longing for love and... steel guitar. And nothing says country like a steel. (Well, except a mandolin... which they also had.)

He sang his songs spanning over 50 years of his life including only one Monkees' song. The rest were a mishmash of some crowd favorites and some seemingly obscure tracks (obscure to me since they weren't boy band songs).

A friend pointed out a song to me today on Facebook that I listened to and loved immediately. Lucky for me, Nez performed it live tonight. Here's the original (real country) version of a song I have retitled for my own personal enjoyment: One of Snelly's Boos.* 

*I know, I know. Forgive me, it's late and I'm still on a boy band high. It's the best I could come up with....

*Authors Addendum: After 24 hours to think about my blog title, I changed one of the words to make the impossibly cheesy title even cheesier. After all, if you're going to do it, do it. You're welcome.