100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life: #51

On a plane somewhere between Charlotte, NC and Syracuse, NY: In a vain attempt to look my absolute best before my 20 year high school reunion at the end of the month, I have spent the better part of the spring doing my own internal spring cleaning. Boot camp; eating clean; following the ABS plan (no alcohol, bread or sugar) for multiple weeks at a time. Last month, however, I not just fell off the wagon but rather, I did a backward run and leap off the wagon, so I've decided that these last two weeks I've got to hit it even harder than I once originally planned.

Not that it really matters, mind you. It's been 20 years. I'm living the life I've always dreamed. I own a home. I've traveled the world. I have stories that would make you blush. Yet, I'm boot-camping and clean-eating and even teeth-whitening.

So, yeah, I guess it kinda matters.

The latest in my loose-it-or-tighten-it plan is juicing. My master fitness guru shared the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox plan a few months ago and I tried it out for a weekend with moderate success. (NOTE: turns out juicing kale and blending kale are two totally different things, which I eventually need to blog about.. once I can stomach looking at the photos I took then.) Since then, I bought a juicer of my own and this time around, decided to go a full week simply drinking my meals.

Logistically, the first four days were pretty seamless. I prepared my juices the night before and chilled them in carafes, then on the day of, I took my carafes in a insulated bag and poured them into a water bottle throughout the day.

However, this weekend, I knew I had a show coming up out of town and wouldn't be able to prep my daily juice. I decided to give the latest pre-made-juice-on-the-go company a try. I went online and ordered a three day supply from Juice Nashville and picked it up three days later, in a bright orange insulated bag.

Each day, you are to drink five bottles of cold-pressed juice and one bottle of almond filtered water. Considering I had been doing a make-shift version of this for four days already, it didn't seem like too much of a challenge. And, in fact, probably easier since they are individually packaged.

However, within here lies the problem: since I am going to be flying, I won't be able to take a 16 oz. plastic bottle of liquid with me on the plane. But because of a connecting flight situation, I knew I would have to somehow drink a juice before I had an opportunity to start getting really hungry and cheating with something delicious... or really, anything chewable.

With a quick stop at Target, I solved my challenge ala MacGyver:

Funny how you can take 16 oz. of liquid on a plane, it just can't be in one 16 oz. container... but can be in 4 - 3 oz. containers (minus the 4 oz. I drank on the way to the airport).

Granted, it's not the classiest thing in the world and I did get a few funny looks when I poured orange liquid out of a hair spray bottle into a cup and then proceeded to drink it. But I got what I needed and when I needed it, which is the most important moral to the story. Plus, I'm excited that I found a quicker and easier way to get delicious juices in my body without the additional prep time as doing it myself.

#51: Flying With Juice (aka Beating The System)
(another one of the 100 Little Pleasures of (Touring) Life)

Now I can continue on my juicing for another 3 days!

Not that it really matters, mind you....