On The Move

Madrid, Spain: I've started two other blogs on this trip. And by "start," I mean "name the city from which I am writing" (London and Barcelona, fyi). However, after the location has been noted, I seem to lose my steam for the writing portion of the blog. I've been on the move ever since I arrived on my post-vacation vacation. After leaving Dublin, I spent two days in London with the lovely Mr. Darcy... er, Dawson... where we ventured to the top of the tallest building in Europe, drove around / ate in the English countryside and caught a performance of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, making his UK debut.

Then onto 2 days in Barcelona on my own, where I went for a tapas walking tour, took a cable car overlooking the city, strolled on the beach and discovered the size of a liter of sangria.

After that, I took a train to Madrid and did another tapas walking tour (a girl's gotta eat & drinkā€¦ why not do it in a group where I can meet people & find out what to order?), joined a hop on & hop off bus tour (I'm a tourist. officially.), and walked around the city. A lot. In the heat.

What's interesting is that as much as I enjoy seeing the sites and roaming around aimlessly, I'm also not a good vacationer. I love to travel but I also like to get things done... and keep up with emails... and blog....

It brought to mind a Sex And The City episode where Miranda and Steve are on their honeymoon. (Yeah, I just referenced SATC. Again.)
I'm going crazy here! I miss ESPN and NPR and Dateline! I am not the honeymoon type. 
I like being quiet sometimes! I like reading a book. 
Four days is a long time. 
It isn't, actually.

My version is that I miss sitting in a coffee shop and writing about my musings... and NPR. Sure, I'm in Madrid, but to me, the best part about vacationing is doing whatever I want. And what I want right now is to NOT be on the move and to write in a peaceful place, surrounded by Spanish voices, lounge music, free wifi and perhaps a nice glass of vino.

Granted, if this were a honeymoon, things might be a little different, but in this moment, luckily for me, I found all of the above. Bueno.